Highly popular among the PC users, the Norton antivirus software has been eliminating malware, viruses and other kinds of online and offline threats from affecting the performance of a computer for years. Norton, being a security solution providing company has created various software’s that are known for providing much-needed protection in terms of data protection, database security, network security, web security and much more. With such a wide range of programs and protection available with Norton, keep reading to learn the easiest way to complete the Norton Setup process for both PC and mobile users.

Benefits of installing Norton software to computer, tablet or to a mobile phone

  • Provides much-needed protection to your device by completely eradicating spyware, viruses, malware, and other forms of online attacks
  • Maintains the privacy of the user irrespective of the device from which the user gets to use the Norton software
  • By creating an account with Norton, one can go through the entire list of Norton software’s to purchase under one-roof and it can be installed to multiple devices as well
  • Auto scan and schedule scan option to trace and get rid of any of kind of virus or malware that has been disturbing the overall performance of your device
  • Notifies regarding the overall health state of your device
  • Provides much-needed safety for the kids to access the internet.

Norton installation and activation process for PC users

Beforehand starting with the installation process of a Norton product on your computer, make sure the following points are checked through:

  • The computer must meet up with the minimum system related requirements in terms of processor, operating system, RAM, browser support and hard disk space
  • Install Norton software by logging in securely through your Administrator user profile
  • Complete the pending update process related to your operating system
  • Remove any kind of junk or temporary file to save up space and to securely install and activate Norton software
  • Uninstall previous versions of Norton before installing the latest version
  • Download the ‘Norton removal tool’ by visiting the official website of Norton and run it to effectively remove the previously installed versions of Norton and other security-related software’s from your computer.

Installing and activating Norton setup to a computer with Windows OS

  1. Visit the official web portal of Norton from a web browser
  2. Sign in using your Norton account credentials. (If you do not have an account, complete the sign in process to create an account that can be utilized to purchase more Norton products in the near future)
  3. After logging into your account, visit com/setup page
  4. Enter down the twenty-five characters Norton product key within the given field
  5. The product key can be found on the back part of the DVD/CD case or from the confirmation mail that was sent by the retailer to verify your Norton software purchase with them
  6. In the next page, select upon ‘Automatic Renewal Service’, if you want to renew the software once it gets expired in the near future
  7. If you do not want to automatically renew the product, then make a click upon the ‘Skip’ button on the same page
  8. Read through the Automatic Product Renewal Terms and other conditions and then click upon ‘Agree and Continue’ button
  9. You need to enter down your credit card credentials to start with the auto-renewal service
  10. Enter down your billing address and then click upon the ‘Enroll’ button
  11. Make a click on ‘Agree & Download’ button in the next page to download the Norton product to your Windows operating system
  12. Once the download gets completed, open it up and follow the on-screen instructions to automatically install and activate the Norton software on your Windows installed computer system.